Welcome aboard the web site of the Navy Helicopter Veterans Association. Our organization is a purely fraternal one that is open for membership to all U.S. Navy Helicopter personnel, both past and present. Originally established in the mid 1960's by a group of shipmates from the Navy's first helicopter squadrons, VX-3, HU-1 and HU-2. The Navy Helicopter Veterans Association has grown and represents the full spectrum of U.S. Naval Helicopter Aviation. So whether you are or were Navy Helicopter Aircrew, Maintenance or Support, we are sure that we have the fraternal association for you. Officially chartered in the State of Florida in 1988, the Navy Helicopter Veterans Association is a Veterans organization formed with the expressed intent of:

  • Promoting fraternalism and camaraderie among its total qualified membership wholly by establishing reunions at locations to be determined by member vote. Reunions are currently held on an eighteen month schedule.
  • Maintaining continuity within the U.S. Naval Helicopter community.
  • Providing a source of funding for donations to U.S. Naval charities.

If the Associations's objectives appeal to you, we look forward to bringing you aboard and reserving your place in our Ready Room!  

Fraternally yours,

Jim Chester, President