To apply for membership in the NHVA, print out a copy of the Membership Application and send it to the indicated address with payment for the level of membership desired (single or with spouse). Your application will be reviewed and, if accepted, a username and password will be e-mailed to you that will allow you to access the Members pages (now under construction) and edit your user profile and your username and password. If you  add your spouse to your membership they will also be given a username and password as well as their own profile page. During the transition from our old website to the new and after the "Members Only" area is completed, current members will also be e-mailed a temporary username and password so that they may also edit and change their information. The revisions to the manner in which we are treating our member's data is aimed at providing privacy of personal information from the "internet world" and limiting access to this data to other members only and improving the information exchange between members.

A downloadable copy of the Membership Application can be found here: Membership Application